viernes, abril 12, 2024

In October, 200 electric taxis will begin to circulate in Medellín

Council of the city, the Mobility Secretariat of Medellín, which has already culminated, in the first stage of selection for the change of taxis, by 100% electric taxis. The scrap will begin with 90 taxis. 90 taxi drivers from the city were selected to begin the process of scrapping their taxis and acquiring 100% electric vehicles.

The taxi drivers will be given the vouchers with which they can buy their new taxis. It is expected that in the month of October they begin to roll in the city these first 200 electric taxis. For now, the city continues to be transformed with new eco-stations. The goal is that the city over the next few years reach a total of 1,500 electric taxis.

Mobility Secretariat of Medellín ratified the start-up of Route U July 5, 2019 – Giovanni Marulanda. Share this on FacebookTweet about thisShare this on Google + Share this on WhatsApp The Ministry of Mobility of Medellín ratified the implementation of Route U that will unite several transport companies to provide public service to more than 240 students of universities in the city. In its first phase, it will start operations at the end of November.

In a first phase, the new Route U will be served by the fleet of 64 electric buses that will arrive in Medellín and will circulate from the Caribbean neighborhood to the La Palma sector and will impact the students of the Pascual Bravo university institution, ITM, Colegio Mayor and The Faculty of Mines of the National University. The route of the university buses contemplates two phases more than in the circulation of the race 65 and the neighborhood The iguana for the students of the National University and of the University of Antioquia.

The new routes will be linked to the integrated public transport routes of the city. This timetable translates into doubts in the rectors of the universities, at the moment, in the moment, on the road, on the route, in the beneficiary, in the 240 million students. The student users. The first phase with buses will start at the end of November and the following topics in the first half of 2020.