viernes, junio 7, 2024

‘Hot’ nurse disciplined for wearing bra and panties under see-through PPE gown

This naughty nurse is going viral.

A nurse in Russia was suspended from the hospital where she worked in Tula, 100 miles south of Moscow, after she arrived at her shift in the all-male coronavirus patient wing with no clothing save for her skivvies under her transparent personal protective equipment.

The unidentified staffer told her managers at Tula Regional Clinical Hospital that she was “too hot” to wear clothing underneath the head-to-toe vinyl gown, which protected her from contracting COVID-19. The incident was first reported by a local news outlet, the Tula Pressa newspaper.

While there were reportedly “no complaints” from her patients, hospital chiefs punished the nearly nude nurse for “non-compliance with the requirements for medical clothing.” The nurse claimed she did not realize that her underwear was showing through the PPE.

However, the regional health ministry confirmed that “a disciplinary sanction was applied to the nurse of the infectious diseases department who violated [uniform] requirements,” the Sun reports. They did not elaborate on what exactly the disciplinary measure would be.

The hospital administration originally claimed the woman in her 20s had been wearing “lingerie” — but later clarified the two-piece ensemble was possibly a “swimming suit.”

The overheated health care worker has yet to make a public statement on the incident. However, readers of the Tula Pressa had plenty to say.

“At least someone has a sense of humor in this gloomy, gloomy reality,” said Sergey Ratnikov.

Marina Astakhova added, “Well done, she raised the mood of the patients.”

And Valery Kapnin asked, “Why punish the nurse? You need to reward her. Seeing this outfit, no one wants to die.”

As of Wednesday, there have been approximately 309,000 cases of COVID-19 reported in Russia, and nearly 3,000 deaths.