martes, diciembre 5, 2023

Eclipse Designs presents its new furniture collection exclusive


The exclusive furniture brand Eclipse Designs, launched a new furniture collection under the same essence of exclusivity and elegance.

Similarly, consider what type of visit you have, such as size and weight of people. In addition, if it comes alone or accompanied. With these standards you will have an idea to make a good purchase of a furniture exclusive no matter what it is for you, try comfort.

Luxury lovers and exclusive can already know the new series of home furniture that only Eclipse Designs brings to the most exclusive tastes.

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With Eclipse Designs exclusive you can support Colombian talent, they are 100% national products, with styles and designs that will not only fill your spaces with harmony, but with good taste and comfort.

You do not need a mat, it is a very comfortable sofa bed, from the view until you try it. You just need to recline the backrest and that’s it!

Their beds are made of exclusive materials, sizes, shapes and colors, and they also manufacture to your liking and style.

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It is a simple and easy to use design. It can be ideal for a small place in one piece. Because of its material, it combines with everything, no matter the decoration of the other furniture, the wood will always look good anywhere. The best thing about this sofa bed is that it has a small integrated table, as if it were a bureau.

Eclipse Design is located at Cra. 55B # 72A 74 in Medellín, Colombia. “Know our factory point…an unique space with more than 2000 square meters where you can live a multi sensorial experience and get to know by first hand why we are the best.”

Do not wait any longer, let Eclipse Designs fill every space of your home, with the pleasure and comfort that they can only provide you with their pieces.