jueves, febrero 8, 2024

Eclipse Designs: modern beds, ideas and examples for bedrooms

modern beds

There is a wide variety of modern beds, they are available in many sizes, ranging from small ones for a child or young adult, to queen and king-size beds designed for two adults.

But not only in size you can find a wide variety of beds, also according to the style that fits with your design, for example:

-there are beds with individual mattresses on a fixed frame that denote greater tradition and are good representatives of the rustic or classic style

– there are other varieties such as the murphy bed, which is the one that folds into a wall

– Multifunctional beds in small houses because they are transformed with few movements on a sofa that can be examples of styles full of innovation as the modern trend.

In modern furniture design, it seeks to break with the monotonous and traditional forms. This is reflected, when we focus on the rest area, in bedrooms that embrace simplicity in ornaments, decoration and of course, in bed.

This is how designs of beds arise where you say goodbye to the typical base, with an average height of 50 centimeters, with four simple legs at each end and with a large headboard that frames the top of the furniture. It is even possible to find models of beds where the base is only wide enough to be able to differentiate itself from the floor, and the headboard is completely absent, giving rise to what stands out is the comfort it reflects, both the mattress and the cushions and / or pillows

On many occasions, a touch of color is added to give a subtle fun and attractive brush, the decision of how vibrant that color will be will depend clearly on the color composition of the room and the sensations that you want to get inside the bedroom.