viernes, junio 7, 2024

Duque’s response to Colombia’s peaceful protesters

Colombia’s President Ivan Duque said Friday he wants to boost the military’s powers after police and vandals succeeded in sinking Bogota and Cali into chaos.

In a televised speech, Duque’s response to the allegedly orchestrated security crisis was by far his most Orwellian to date.

Surfing the wave of panic caused by the sudden outburst of terror, Duque said he would boost military and intelligence powers “to guarantee security.”In order to guarantee security in places where tranquility is being disturbed, I have decided to strengthen the presence of the security forces and increase intelligence capabilities.

President Ivan Duque

To deal with the ongoing anti-government protests that are the biggest in more than 40 years, the president said he would begin a “National Conversation” next week.

Four hours later, Bogota Mayor Peñalosa said that the violence in the capital was part of an “orchestrated campaign to create terror” while residents of the capital were uploading videos of collusion with the police.

The president vs the people

The protests preceding the allegedly orchestrated terror campaign were historic despite the government’s stigmatization and intimidation attempts.

More than 200,000 people took to the streets on Thursday to reiterate what they had already indicated in local elections in October when the president’s far-right Democratic Center party suffered a devastating defeat.

The vast majority of Colombians are fed up with Duque, “paramilitary” former President Alvaro Uribe and the ongoing violence, corruption and mismanagement in their country.