martes, abril 2, 2024

DMM’s Mining Farm in Japan

DMM Inc, the operator of popular e-commerce site with 27 million members, announced on Friday the launch of its mining farm in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. The company with 27 million members, announced on Friday the launch of its mining farm in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. The company stated:

DMM operates large-scale ‘Japan-quality’ mining farms that are unparalleled in scale compared to other domestic operators…By establishing a mining farm in the cold district, we realize low price electricity procurement and maximize mining revenue.

DMM’s mining farm in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.


In addition, the company revealed that its mining farm “has also been turned into an open showroom for our customers to access.” The showroom will display 1,000 mining rigs. “We are aiming to open this showroom from the beginning of March,” DMM wrote, adding that “we plan to start acceptance from the middle of March for tours for the general public.”

Following the launch in Japan, the company plans to deploy additional mining farms overseas. “By starting domestically, DMM’s engineering team is directly involved in the operation to secure quality and win the trust of domestic users,” Fuji Television Network described.

DMM’s Mining Rigs

DMM has installed in its mining farm both types of mining rigs, ASIC and GPU, allowing the company to mine many different types of cryptocurrencies. DMM’s “ASIC machines purchased [were] made in China,” the TV station noted. “The ASIC machines are 650 MH/s (mega hash/sec), and the GPU machines are about 300 MH/s or less.”

DMM’s ASIC and GPU mining rigs.

The news outlet further noted that “the power consumption is 750W for ASIC and 1900 to 2000W for GPU,” adding that the GPU mining rigs have twelve GPU cards connected to two power supplies.

DMM’s GPU mining rig with 12 GPU cards and 2 power supplies. (Photo\Fuji TV Network)

DMM says it will mine several types of coins, including bitcoin, ether, and litecoin. “We are not particular about bitcoins,” the leader of the DMM mining laboratory Shinichi Takaguchi told Fuji TV, but emphasized that “Of course we are also mining bitcoins” alongside other coins. Depending on the market environment, he reiterated that the lab will mine all the cryptocurrencies that are most profitable at the time, adding that:

In the future, we plan to start managing our own DMM [mining] pool, and plan to develop cloud mining that allows general users to purchase mining rights around summer.

DMM has also recently launched its own cryptocurrency exchange, supporting 7 different cryptocurrencies and 14 trading pairs, as previously reported.