martes, abril 2, 2024

Daniel Quintero propose to eliminate the vehicular restriction “Pico y Placa” in Medellin

Quintero Calle said that once he took the office, he called the Minister of Environment, Ricardo José Lozano, to tell him about the projects from the Mayor’s Office of Medellín and the possibility of charging citizens a tax for what they pollute.

“We have to start the most important tests on car market issues in relation to their level of pollution. We may have to start thinking about eliminating the “Pico y Placa” (vehicular restriction) and other taxes, and better establishing a tax for what citizens roll and so they pollute, “he said.

Currently, the Pico y Placa in Medellín is for private vehicles and two-stroke motorcycles, from Monday to Friday, three hours a day. For taxis, the restriction is from 6 in the morning to 8 at night. When alert for air quality is activated, the restriction extends its schedule to Saturdays and includes four-stroke motorcycles.