sábado, junio 8, 2024

Cómo se pronuncia Dressed in green and red, this is how the sculptures dawned in La Alpujarra

On the morning of this Tuesday, passers-by and people who work in the administrative center La Alpujarra found the sculptures of the square appropriately dressed for the classic 302 between Medellín and Nacional that will be held next Sunday.

The sculptures of El Periódico, El Lotero, La Ventadedora de Dulces and El Embolador woke up dressed in t-shirts, hats and even the flag of the most traditional teams in Antioquia.

Although the municipal administration did not report if it is an initiative that emerged from there, it is possibly a gesture that seeks to continue promoting peace around football in the city, an aspect that has improved significantly in recent years, even in the past derby Paisa, in which National officiated as a local, turned thirteen classics with the presence of embassies consecutively, gathering an average of 36,000 fans per game, a pleasant exception in Colombian football.