sábado, octubre 16, 2021

Biden Wins South Carolina Democratic Primary


In a win that pundits predicted could revive his struggling campaign, former Vice President Joseph Biden claimed victory in the South Carolina primary on Saturday, the first significantly diverse state in the race to determine the Democratic Party presidential nominee.

It is not immediately clear how many of the state’s 54 delegates will go to Biden, who has been projected to win 14 out of the gate, however, it is certain that he will take the delegate front-runner status before the significant Super Tuesday primaries.

Senator Bernie Sanders, the front-runner after winning two of the three prior state contests, is likely to come in a distant second place in Saturday’s primary.

The former vice president’s campaign argued the Palmetto State primary would act as a reset and boost for the former front-runner. Biden and his allies framed a win as proof he could gain support from a diverse coalition of voters that could propel him to the White House when he faces incumbent Republican President Donald Trump.

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