martes, abril 16, 2024

American woman died after having cosmetic surgery in Envigado

A 21-year-old American citizen died on Friday after having several cosmetic surgeries at a Envigado clinic. Police reports realize that Adriana María León, born in Virginia, died in a nursing home in the Simón Bolívar neighborhood of Medellín, where she recovered after several interventions that included bichectomy and liposuction. On the report it was established that the surgery had been performed last Thursday at the Activecare clinic located in Envigado.

The mayor of that municipality issued a letter lamenting the death of the patient. “The Institution Provider of Health Services where the different surgeries were carried out apparently appears to be registered in the Special Registry of Health Providers with authorization of the services of plastic and cosmetic surgery, anesthesia, general medicine, among others; issued by the Antioquia Sectional Health Secretariat ”, the statement read in which it is further clarified that the Envigado Health Secretariat does not authorize the provision of home nursering services in this type of clinics.

Antonio Porto, external legal advisor of the clinic, confirmed that the center meets the operating requirements and explained that the patient left in good condition and that the procedure did not have any complications. He also clarified that they do not know the place where the patient was recovering. “She is a foreigner and a company sold her the package with a hotel, medical center, etc. We only get the person to do the procedure, ”he said.

Neighbors of the Simón Bolívar neighborhood reported that in the home where the patient died they usually take newly operated people. “They almost always bring them by ambulance at night,” said one of them.

Sources close to the victim reported to the police that Leon had arrived in the country on January 6 with the sole purpose of undergoing aesthetic procedures.

Legal Medicine will be responsible for determining what was the cause of León’s death. The Judicial Police and the Prosecutor’s Office have already initiated investigations to clarify the facts.