viernes, abril 5, 2024

Achieving Elegance and Sophistication in Your Interior Spaces. Legacy by the Roldan’s Family


The most exclusive furniture factory of elegance in Colombia carries behind it, the joint work of an entrepreneurial Family that maintains the quality and Tradition of its founder Humberto Roldan.

Over two generations have managed to create and position a dynamic company whose objective is to provide the excellence and elegance that their customers need in the transformation and stylish of their interior spaces with luxury furniture.

Eclipse Design leads the Colombian market with select and exclusive furniture, the rigorous quality and the commitment of the family in the processes of manufacturing a guarantee that each product maintains its traditional seal originality and avant-garde product.

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We all want to turn our house into a cozy home with a great visual appeal. But discovering unique and inspiring interior decorating ideas for your interior space is not always easy.

The Shopping experience in Eclipse Design is something that transcends and remains in the memory of its customers, the most important thing for Andres Felipe Roldán and his cousins Alejandro Roldán and Mauricio Roldán is to create spaces and environments that meet the customer’s desires and most of all to make them happy with each peace they choose from their collection.

Near people

Personalized attention is part of their philosophy, direct and face contact with customers is the most important and is an attribute that distinguishes Eclipse Design from the rest.

Eclipse Design understands that is not just a piece of design furniture, it’s the transformation of a home therefore a lifestyle, that is why it’s not enough to display the pieces in a gallery or post a photo on some social media network.

The advice and complicity between the client and the company allows with no doubt the perfect choice in the transformation of any interior space achieving elegance and sophistication creating authentic stylish furniture

Roldan’s Family brand “In Eclipse Design customer’s happiness is our primary goal”