miércoles, febrero 8, 2023

Alfredo Ramos increases favoritism for the Mayor’s Office of Medellín, according to Guarumo

In the August measurement of the poll carried out by Guarumo and Ecoanalítica for the next regional elections in Colombia, the candidate Alfredo Ramos continues to be projected as the main favorite for the Mayor’s Office of Medellín and obtains a 40.1% intention to vote.

The survey was followed by Jesús Aníbal Echeverri with 6%, Daniel Quintero with 4.8%, Santiago Gómez with 3.4% and Juan David Valderrama with 3%, among 11 candidates that were taken into account.

Despite these results, the option Does not Know / Does not respond marked an important 23.9% and the vote blank by 11.7%, which can still reduce the differences for the main contenders of Ramos, who has the endorsement of the Democratic Center party.

In turn, Ramos has the most favorable image among all candidates with 75.5%, while the most negative belongs to Beatriz Rave with 22.6%.