miércoles, abril 3, 2024

Israeli tourists experience druginduced robbery in Colombia – one individual reported missing for a brief period.


Israeli tourists face danger and resilience in Colombia

Two Israeli travelers visiting Medellin, Colombia, were victims of robbery and drugging, resulting in one of them going missing for a period of 24 hours. Eventually, with the assistance of an Israeli rescue company, the missing individual was found disoriented on the city streets, without their wallet or phone.

Both travelers were former IDF combat soldiers who embarked on a trip after completing their military service. During their stay, they went out one evening to a local bar in Medellin, along with a third friend, to watch a soccer game. While one of them returned early to their apartment, the other two continued their night out.

Investigations into the incident revealed that the two Israelis were lured by two young women who drugged them and took them to a dangerous area of the city, where they were robbed. The following morning, one of the travelers managed to make his way back to the apartment after his wallet and phone were stolen. However, his friend remained missing.

The travelers reached out to their insurance company’s emergency hotline and enlisted the help of an Israeli search and rescue company associated with the insurance provider. The rescue company initiated an investigation and followed the trail of the young men. With the combined efforts of local police, rescue personnel, and ongoing investigations, the missing Israeli was eventually found wandering near a hospital, disoriented and struggling to communicate.

An unexpected ordeal: Israeli travelers robbed and reunited in Colombia

The individual was taken to a hospital for examination and later filed a complaint with the police. Fortunately, he was found to be uninjured, but he described the experience as challenging, resulting in the loss of his belongings and money.

The missing Israeli expressed gratitude for the assistance provided by his insurance company, stating that the presence of a company representative gave him a sense of security in a difficult situation.

A spokesperson for the insurance company expressed relief that the situation was resolved successfully and emphasized the importance of their insured’s wellbeing. Upon receiving the hotline call, multiple local rescue teams were immediately activated to search for the missing individual.

Eran Magen, CEO of Magen – Disaster & Emergency Management, highlighted the need for vigilance and caution when visiting areas like the one where the young men were located. In this particular case, due to timely updates and the deployment of professional teams, the travelers were found unharmed within three hours of the initial call. Magen recommended staying informed before visiting challenging areas.