miércoles, julio 24, 2024

How to decorate small spaces? Eclipse Design teach you!

Eclipse Design always have great tips, advices and ideas to give a touch of luxury to your home, from how to set up a home office to work comfortably to how to furnish a house or apartment, through proposing the design of perfect furniture for a Penthouse.

Because the design and decoration of personal spaces are endless, today Eclipse Design offer to you some tips to decorate small spaces. In Eclipse Design words, decorating small spaces has become increasingly necessary, since the houses used to be larger, with a diversity of rooms, large spaces and all perfectly illuminated and ventilated. But urban growth has modified that.

Today, if you own a house you know there are compact spaces, and when you have an apartment they are usually even smaller. This forces us to be functional and optimize the few square meters we have to create comfortable places where we can live. But this doesn’t have to sacrifice aesthetics. That’s why Eclipse Design brings you these tips.

1. Choose style and elements to get involved: first thing to do is define the style you prefer and locate the elements that you are interested in integrating, even if you still don’t acquire them because we still have 4 more points .

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2. Distribution and furniture: The second advice of Eclipse Design is to find and get few furniture but a good size. Indeed, it is better to have few furniture but spacious, comfortable and functional to many small furniture useless.

3. Vertical elements are a solution for small spaces: The perfect solution for small spaces are vertical elements: drawers, organizers and even beds. Even an ideal solution for very compact rooms is to have a tapanco or mezzanine where you can separate activities in the same space, although for this you need to have a double height or at least a height and a half.

4. Remove or lay walls: The walls, columns and mezzanines that can be removed are those that are actually false, such as soffits, partition walls or false slabs. The Eclipse Design advice is to demolish those panels that expand the space and the non-structural elements that allow to create more open and illuminated areas.

5. Accessories and lighting: Small spaces depend irremediably both natural and artificial lighting, and their beauty can be expanded thanks to the indicated accessories. The important thing is to choose few accessories but blunt.