miércoles, julio 24, 2024

Enormous Blaze Consumes Tall Building in the UAE


Dramatic Firefighting Efforts: Massive Blaze Engulfs UAE High-Rise

The fire in a high-rise building in the UAE was swiftly controlled by civil defense and police teams. No injuries have been reported so far, according to the Khaleej Times newspaper. Brigadier Abdullah Saif Al Matrooshi, Director-General of Police Operations at Ajman Police, stated that a mobile police station was deployed to the accident site to assist residents in reporting lost items and provided necessary certificates. The building was successfully evacuated, and residents were accommodated in hotels in Ajman and Sharjah with the help of the Transport Authority and the Red Crescent.


Evacuation and Relief Efforts: Residents Safely Rescued from Tower Fire in the UAE

Social media videos showed firefighters struggling to contain the fire, which spread across multiple floors of the complex. This incident follows a recent increase in building fires, with over 3,000 incidents reported in 2022, according to the UAE’s Ministry of Interior. Most of the fires occurred in residential areas, with homes and apartments being the most affected. The ministry’s data did not include information on fatalities or injuries. In a separate incident in April, a fire on the fourth floor of a residential building in Dubai resulted in 16 deaths and at least nine injuries.