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Colombian Armed Forces Seek Brave Canine That Assisted in Locating Children within the Amazon Rainforest


Lost in the Jungle: The Heroic Search for Four Lost Children

Wilson, a Belgian Shepherd, gained national recognition in Colombia for his heroic efforts in locating four Indigenous children who had survived a plane crash and were lost in the Amazon jungle for 40 days. Equipped with a powerful snout and pointy ears, Wilson led trackers to the children, leaving pawprints as evidence. However, during the search, Wilson himself went missing, prompting a determined rescue operation by the military. The Colombian military has deployed 70 soldiers to the dense jungle surrounding the crash site, vowing not to leave until Wilson is found and safely returned home. Although it has been a month since Wilson disappeared, his rescue would bring joy to many Colombians and serve as a heartwarming conclusion to an already captivating survival story.

Sergeant Luis Fernando Seña, the commander of the canine school where Wilson trained for 14 months, expressed the honor felt by the institution for Wilson’s contribution in finding the children. He expressed the hope that Wilson’s discovery would be great news for the country and its children. After graduating from the canine academy in February, Wilson joined Colombia’s special forces at the Tolemaida air force base. Alongside four other sniffer dogs, Wilson was deployed to the rainforest in May to locate a crashed plane carrying the four children and three deceased adults. When it became apparent that the children might still be alive, Wilson’s handler provided him with clothes to sniff and track down the kids. Unfortunately, on May 18, Wilson became separated from the search party, venturing further into the forest following a scent. Ten days later, the military discovered footprints of the children next to Wilson’s pawprints, leading them closer to the area where the children were eventually found on June 9.

Wilson the Belgian Shepherd: A National Hero’s Journey to Find Home

While the children are currently recovering in the hospital and have not yet spoken to the press, 13-year-old Lesly Mucutuy, the oldest child in the group, drew a picture of the rainforest that included a dog resembling Wilson. In an effort to lure Wilson back to safety, the military recently brought two female dogs in heat to the crash site area via helicopter. They have also left food and clothing belonging to Wilson’s handler at various points around the site, hoping that the scents will guide Wilson back. However, some experts are concerned that Wilson may have already perished due to the challenges of finding food in the rainforest and the potential threat of snake attacks.

Despite the uncertainties, Colombia continues to support Wilson, with his name becoming a popular hashtag on social media platforms. Fans of Wilson have been posting messages urging the military to persist in the search. Wilson’s story has captured national attention, appearing on news shows, and even a spiritual coach claiming to communicate with animals has posted a viral video on TikTok, encouraging people to send positive energy to Wilson and express gratitude for his efforts.

At the canine academy in Bogota, Wilson’s fellow dogs-in-training speak highly of his skills and resilience, noting his energetic nature, strength, and strong temperament. As a distant relative of wolves, it is hoped that Wilson’s hunting instincts will aid in his survival as he navigates the challenges of the rainforest and relies on his natural instincts.