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Bookcases and shelves: modern designs in Eclipse Design

modern designs
Bookcases and shelves: modern designs in Eclipse Design

Modern desingns: The bookshelves are an excellent resource for organizing and decorating different home stays; these furniture have been transformed over the years, offering amazing designs that turn them into main pieces of the spaces.

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The booksellers not only work to accommodate books in the house; in them you can place a wide variety of objects, which acquire greater relevance by having a special place in the room in which they are located.

In addition to the bookshelves, we can also use shelves that help us achieve the same goal; both offer us a versatile and dynamic decoration, so in today’s book, we will see sensational ideas to decorate with different bookshelves and shelves in the house, through the designs made by Eclipse Design professionals that will fill you with inspiration.

The bookshelves and shelves are pieces of great versatility for the organization and decoration of the house. These furniture are perfect to place them in empty spaces and they need to be occupied to offer more comfortable and aesthetic spaces.

What are the measurements of a wooden bookcase? Although we can find different formats in the design of a bookcase, there are measures that make them really functional in terms of storage capacity and organization.

A bookcase should be an average of 30 to 35 centimeters deep and the same measure should be between each of its shelves.

Built-in bookshelves: these types of bookshelves are perfect for placing them in free and empty spaces, like the stairwell, and they can also be on a wall on which you can make a beautiful bookcase.

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Low bookshelves: Low bookshelves are a good option for small spaces, such as the home hall. When we have a low bookcase in a larger environment, they function as room dividers, such as the dining room.

Modular bookshelves: modular furniture in general, allows greater flexibility and versatility, since being designs in different pieces, they can be assembled and located as best suit you, in addition to that yo can find a good variety of sizes and designs.