martes, julio 23, 2024

Black and White, trend in luxury furniture

For this season Black and white will be the favorite colors. In Eclipse Design they have looked of furniture, seats and lamps of carbon version, without brightness.

The trend to decorate with black touches has arrived to stay. In this trend, black is not part of the base color palette, rather it’s an honor guest in rooms furnished and decorated with a predominance of white and raw tones.

“Black is in perfect harmony with any other color, it even makes the colors more vibrant, because the neutral tone supports it”, Margarita Escobar, decoration expert at Eclipse Design.

One of the colors that vibrates most with black in furniture, is undoubtedly white. Current trends in interior decoration have opted for the mix of these colors, because despite being basic when properly combined they improve lighting, increase the feeling of space and can turn a simple place into an elegant and modern one.

When use of these two colors spaces can be delimited, direct attention to specific room spaces and if you have a window you can enhance the view along with these colors.

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It is amazing how using furniture with these colors allows you to automatically accentuate any detail that is introduced into the room, which allows you to play with the shapes and take the decoration to a level where everything becomes important.

Generally with these colors, a chic or vintage style is easily achieved, although the use of this combination has focused on enhancing a modern style where practicality becomes relevant.

Together with white, black or bicolor furniture, carpets, glass and other items have begun to be used to achieve minimalist decorations, where the environment often matches a wooden floor that takes more color than ever after the contrast of the decoration.

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