Biden’s Recent Gaffe: Claims Putin is ‘Clearly Failing in the Iraq Conflict,’ Drawing Criticism: ‘Completely Off Track’


 President Biden’s Controversial Gaffe: Claiming Putin’s Failure in Iraq

President Biden received backlash on social media on Wednesday regarding a perceived mistake he made when stating that Russian President Vladimir Putin is currently “failing in the conflict in Iraq.” During an interaction with a reporter outside the White House, Biden responded to a question about the extent to which Putin has been weakened by recent events in Russia, including a reported attempted mercenary coup, by saying, “It’s difficult to determine, but it’s clear that he is losing the war in Iraq.” Biden further commented, “He is also failing domestically, and he has become somewhat of an outcast internationally.” This statement by Biden was immediately seized upon by conservatives on social media, who labeled it as the most recent addition to a series of verbal slips made by the president.