miércoles, noviembre 29, 2023

Artists from 13th commune of Medellín take Colombiatex

More than 40 young people passionate about design, graffiti, photography and fashion are part of La calle fest. The group is made up of people from different regions of the country who meet to build social fabric motivated by art and fashion.

“We bring together people who make fashion and make graphics and we decided to integrate the community of the 13th commune of Medellín to make a giant festival,” says Ana Pierina Gómez, a member of the collective.

And so they measured this great textile fair in Latin America. “Some make shirts, others make pins, others make notebooks, so we decided to have a stand here at Colombiatex and have all the artists with their brands,” explains the spokeswoman.

Artists from Medellín, Bogotá, Pasto and the Urabá from Antioquia show their colorful designs on cotton, steel, a variety of fabrics and paper.

“I like playing with the theme of nature and organic figures more than anything, I like to transmit life through color.

I also make murals, then I use aerosol, sometimes acrylics and I also do digital illustration, ”describes Green Amarilla, artist and textile designer.

Each artist expresses there their stories, their life and how art lives. With the fair, this group of artists can interact with major international fashion companies.

Yesterday, Colombiatex de las Américas closed its showcases and reached the goal of 996 billion pesos in business.