martes, julio 23, 2024

Colombia’s Abortion Rights in Jeopardy

abortion rigths

Abortion Rights in Colombia: Recent Developments and Concerns

Colombia has recently gained attention for its progressive stance on abortion rights in Latin America. In February 2022, Colombia’s Constitutional Court made a landmark ruling to decriminalize abortion up to week 24 of pregnancy and ensure access to abortion services. However, there have been recent developments that have raised concerns about the access to abortion in Colombia.

The Fourth Review Chamber of the Constitutional Court has ruled on two cases in a way that could limit access to abortion services, contradicting the previous ruling. The Chamber stated that the health care system is not obligated to provide abortions before week 24, citing a lack of legal regulation.

Constitutional Court Rulings and Access to Abortion in Colombia

This decision could potentially restrict access to abortions and lead to delays and denial of services. It is worrying because it disregards the human rights of women, girls, and other pregnant individuals and goes against international obligations.

These rulings could undermine the progress made in safeguarding human rights in Colombia and create uncertainty in the provision of abortion services. It is important to note that the previous ruling decriminalizing abortion is still valid, and abortions should be performed safely and be accessible to those who choose to have one before week 24.