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Ecopetrol modifies the gasoline mixture to improve the air in Medellín

After the environmental contingencies that this city and its metropolitan area have suffered, a frontal struggle has been undertaken to mitigate the contamination. Two months ago the sky of Medellín was observed sheltered by a large gray layer of pollutants. inRead invented by Teads However, today's scenario is different. The...

Exporting SMEs, the key to development

The commitment to strengthen the export culture of the 108,223 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Colombia is one of the keys to achieving the development goals set by the Government of Iván Duque in 2022, such as increasing sales not mining and energy to 27,000 million dollars compared to...

The brave Lopez does not give up

The tranquility of fulfilling what has been promised can be one of the best feelings of Miguel Ángel López (Astana) when making balance sheets. Win or lose always gives a show. On Monday, on the second day of rest of the Giro d'Italia, he guaranteed that he would fight until...

For the third time, in 48 years, a Colombian city will concentrate the political agenda of the continent. Medellín, which had already hosted the event in 2008, lists details to host the 49th edition of the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS), which will be held from...

Medellin is more than drug trafficking

In the 80s and 90s, Medellin experienced the worst years of violence resulting from the war between drug trafficker Pablo Escobar and the institutional system, which left dozens of victims as a result of sicarial attacks, car bombings and mass killings. Magistrates, judges, journalists, public officials, military and police confronted...

Cocaine is now South America’s most emblematic product.

ISSUE While $2.5 trillion has been spent on the War on Drugs, global consumption of cocaine has continued to grow. So long as there is a demand, cocaine will be manufactured and distributed, regardless of its enormous cost to people and the planet. Despite the surge in public consciousness around...

Development Plan will be sanctioned this Saturday in Valledupar

President Ivan Duque will sanction the law of the National Development Plan (PND) this Saturday, May 25 in Valledupar, informed the National Planning Department. The act refers to a corporal in the framework of the workshop Building a country in the capital of the department of Cesar, and the first...

Minimum career in electric taxis costs $ 1,300 more: would you pay it?

Green and marked with white signs that identify it as a vehicle free of emissions. This way you can recognize the first electric taxi that already rolls through the streets of Medellín. The implementation of these environmentally friendly cars seeks to be a fundamental solution for the long-term benefit of...

Colombia’s Jerico: God, nature and coffee

Jerico is one of the quaint colonial towns near Medellin that is just beginning to blossom as a travel destination at 35 kilometers from the capital of Antioquia. The town over the past few years has become one of the most attractive and interesting destinations in Antioquia’s southwestern coffee region and has been...
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