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Digital University has two new programs

One of the most controversial programs of the current Government of Antioquia was the Digital University, which promised 100,000 students enrolled in four years and some 8,000 students in programs with flexible curriculum. It took three years for the Ministry of National Education (MEN) to approve the first of 12...

Xiaomi will open an official store in Medellín

In less than ten years, Xiaomi, the Chinese multinational that manufactures various technological equipment, managed to be among the five brands that most dispatches cell phones and wearables (wearable devices) in the world.  In that top of smartphone companies has been between the fourth and fifth place in the last...

Gómez, the silent purslane seal

I hope the Colombian football had those unpublished transmissions that gave so much to talk about during the World Cup and that allowed, for example, to track a single player for 90 minutes. It would be the perfect way to enjoy and analyze the game of Sebastián Gómez with Atlético...

Milk production in the style of New Zealand

In 100 dairy families from Boyacá, Cundinamarca and Nariño, milk production increased by two and even four. Thus, on average, the monthly income per hectare climbed between 400,000 and 800,000 pesos and between 500 liters to 1,400 liters in the same period - the plan was made on farms of...

Pharmacielo full-year 2018 net loss grows; commercial sales to begin 3q 2019

Canada-based medical-marijuana developer PharmaCielo – whose research and operating-group headquarters are in Rionegro, Antioquia – announced April 18 a full-year 2018 net loss of US$24.4 million, worse than the US$7.6 million net loss in 2017. “This net loss was primarily due to share-based payments of US$14.4 million,” according to the...

Colombia’s Jerico: God, nature and coffee

Jerico is one of the quaint colonial towns near Medellin that is just beginning to blossom as a travel destination at 35 kilometers from the capital of Antioquia. The town over the past few years has become one of the most attractive and interesting destinations in Antioquia’s southwestern coffee region and has been...

Colombia gold traders laundered more than $3 billion since 2015: prosecution

Colombia’s chief prosecutor reportedly wrote the country’s finance minister that legal gold traders have laundered more than $3.3 billion in illegal mining profits since 2015. Prosecutor General Nestor Humberto Martinez urged Finance Minister Alberto Carrasquilla to take urgent measures to curb the laundering practices of the gold traders. The prosecution found earlier...

EPM foresees us$1.12 billion cost overrun at Hidroituango hydroelectric plant

Medellin-based multinational electric power giant EPM revealed April 12 in a filing with Colombia’s Superfinanciera corporate oversight agency that it now estimates a COP$3.5 trillion/US$1.12 billion cost-overrun resulting from the collapse of a diversion tunnel at its “Hidroituango” hydroelectric plant in Antioquia. “The estimated figure to date, which amounts to...

‘Pacifico 2,’ ‘transversal de las americas’ nearing completion; Medellin connections improve

Colombia’s national infrastructure agency (Agencia Nacional de Infraestructura, ANI) announced April 10 the completion of a 14-kilometers-long, four-lane divided highway stretch between La Pintada and Puente Iglesias -- part of the 96-kilometers-long “Pacifico 2” upgrades linking Medellin southwestward toward the Pacific. The latest completions also include a new, two-lane bypass...
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