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Expats rank colombia in top-10 for best living: internations survey

Colombia took the number-one-overall spot globally for “personal finance,” number-five for favorable “cost-of-living,” and number seven for “ease of making friends,” according to InterNations. Survey participants were asked to rate up to 48 different aspects of expat life on a scale of one to seven. Responses were then bundled in...

Escape the Poblado tourist trap and let the real Medellin enchant you

Colombia’s second largest city Medellin is big, diverse and fun. Yet many tourists end up in what is arguably the worst part of town, Poblado, home to the provincial upper crust. Meanwhile, the coolest parts of the city in the center and the peripheries of the city are often forgotten or unfairly...

The Billboard of Paola Holguín uncover the truth about the JEP in Colombia

In the department of Antioquia (Colombia), the political group of the right-wing senator, Paola Holguín, sent a controversial and harsh message through Billboards, linking the Special Justice for The Peace, (JEP) with the interests of the victimizers. Although thousands of people close to the national and international leftist, and the...

Queiroz’ debut: Colombia beats Japan 1-0 in friendly

Carlos Queiroz began his reign as manager of the Colombian national football team with a 1-0 win over Japan in an international friendly in Yokohama on Friday. A second half penalty from record goalscorer Radamel Falcao was enough to secure the victory as preparations began for this summer’s Copa America under the...

Colombian opposition leader Gustavo Petro has announced how he plans to take part in local elections in October after his movement was not allowed to take part as a political party. Petro, who received 8 million votes in last year’s elections, told press he has forged an alliance with existing opposition parties, Patriotic...

Victims’ debate over Colombia’s war crimes tribunal ends in tears

A debate between victims over President Ivan Duque‘s controversial refusal to sign off on the country’s war crimes tribunal ended in chaos on Monday. The debate, moderated by far-right Senator Paloma Valencia of Duque’s Democratic Centerparty, was supposed to discuss the president’s objections to the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP). But the...

Is pollution becoming a permanent health hazard in Medellin?

Medellin authorities on Sunday declared a red alert for the second time in two weeks over the health hazards caused by extreme pollution. The red alert triggered a number of emergency measures, most notably the ban on half of the city’s motorized vehicles, in all 10 municipalities that make up the...

UN chief urges Colombia to ratify war crimes tribunal bill “as soon as possible”

Colombia’s hard-right government has failed to gather international support for President Ivan Duque‘s refusal to sign off on his country’s war crimes tribunal. Foreign Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo traveled to New York on Wednesday to meet with the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, to “explain in detail” why Duque triggered...
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