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US aid for Venezuela contained “tools used in violent action”

Venezuela’s state television has released videos indicating that trucks that were supposed to bring humanitarian aid to the country contained metal wire, whistles and allegedly gas masks. The videos were released on Monday by Telesur journalist Madeleine Garcia, who was given access to the smoldering remains of the trucks that...

Duque put nine alleged war criminals in top army positions: HRW

Human Rights Watch accused Colombia’s President Ivan Duque of promoting nine alleged war criminals who are “credibly implicated in extrajudicial executions and other abuses.” Among the suspected war criminals, the human rights organization said, are National Army commander General Nicasio de Jesus Martinez. The current army chief was second in command of the...

Venezuelan deputy’s assistant dies after pre-mayhem party ends in robbery

The assistant of Venezuelan opposition lawmaker died Saturday after the two cousins were drugged and robbed by two women in a roadside motel near the border, local media reported. Opposition lawmaker Freddy Superlano and his cousin Carlos Salinas were supposed to help other opposition leaders from the neighboring country to...

Colombia’s congress divided over possible military intervention in Venezuela

There is major opposition in Colombia’s congress largely to a possible military intervention in Venezuela, but the legislative branch is excluded from any decision-making until it returns from Christmas recess next month. Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, who is in Colombia after a failed attempt to enter his country with...

US approves extradition of Colombia’s former agriculture minister

The United States government has approved the extradition of Colombia’s fugitive agriculture minister who fled the country ahead of a 17-year corruption sentence. The State Department rejected the objection of former Agriculture Minister Andres Felipe Arias, who had argued he could be submitted to torture if he were to be...

Colombia claims Maduro wants to sabotage Venezuela aid concert

Colombia’s migration authority said Wednesday that it expelled five Venezuelan citizens on claims they wanted to sabotage a festival that seeks to raise aid funds for their country. In a press release, Migracion Colombia said that the Venezuelan citizens were arrested in border city Cucuta in an operation carried out...

Colombia’s former government and FARC negotiators reunite to “defend peace”

As President Ivan Duque appears to do everything in his power to undermine Colombia’s peace process, the negotiators that bartered the historic 2016 peace deal met again on Wednesday. The negotiators of the government of former President Juan Manuel Santos and of the demobilized guerrilla group FARC, with the exception of “Ivan Marquez” who has...

Colombia confronted with two massacres in one weekend

Nine people were killed in two massacres in northern Colombia on Saturday. The first reported massacre took place in Cucuta where four men on two motorcycles open fired on a group of men leaving a home.  Two men were killed immediately, the other three died later in the hospital from...

Fracking in Colombia given go-ahead despite risks and broken election promises

An expert commission has given the go-ahead for fracking pilot projects in Colombia, despite President Ivan Duque’s promise not to use the controversial method and questions about the legitimacy of the panel’s methods. Only three members of the 13-person commission were truly independent, with numerous fuel industry professionals, according to the...
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