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US imposes sanctions on Venezuela’s First Lady Cilia Flores

The US treasury department has imposed financial sanctions on Venezuela's First Lady, Cilia Flores. The move comes just over a year after President Nicolás Maduro had his assets frozen by the US government. US firms and individuals are banned from doing business with those on the sanctions list. US treasury...

Venezuela crisis: Chinese hospital ship docks for a week

A Chinese hospital ship has docked in Venezuela, where for the next week it will provide free health care to local patients. Venezuela's Defence Minister Vladimir Padrino López, went to the port of La Guaira to welcome the Chinese crew. He said that the Peace Ark's visit was agreed by...

25 Years After Escobar’s Death, Medellín Struggles to Demolish a Legend

Medellín wants to demolish a former home of Pablo Escobar that has become a tourist attraction. “This symbol, which is a symbol of illegality, of evil, will be brought to the ground.” MEDELLÍN, Colombia — When the mayor of Medellín showed up, he was bearing a sledgehammer. He stood with...

Jair Bolsonaro: Why Brazilian women are saying #NotHim

Several million women in Brazil have declared an online war against the front-running presidential candidate, the far-right Jair Bolsonaro, ahead of the first round of elections due to take place on 7 October. Mr Bolsonaro, who is currently recovering in hospital after being stabbed during a political rally on 6...

Mexico’s president-elect grounded on commercial plane for hours

Mexico's President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador has insisted that he still plans to sell the presidential jet despite spending three hours grounded on a commercial plane. Mr López Obrador's flight from the southern state of Oaxaca to Mexico City was delayed because of heavy rain. "I won't get on the...

How to steal land the size of a small country and get away with it

Colombia’s ruling party wants to hinder war victims’ efforts to seek the return of 3 million hectares of land — an area the size of Belgium — they say was stolen during the country’s armed conflict. While on campaign earlier this year, President Ivan Duque promised to offer increased legal protection for the...

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel backs same-sex marriage

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel has backed same-sex marriage. The Cuban leader, who took over from Raúl Castro on 19 April, said he was in favour of recognising "marriage between people without any restrictions". In an interview with TV Telesur, he said doing so was "part of eliminating any type of...

Cuban doctor says there’s no proof any attacks on U.S. diplomats ever happened

WASHINGTON — A prominent Cuban neurologist who has been investigating U.S. claims that its diplomats and other workers suffered health "attacks" in Havana is calling the allegations "far-fetched," arguing that the laws of physics disprove the theory that an unseen weapon was involved. Dr. Mitchell Joseph Valdés-Sosa, who leads the Cuban Neuroscience Center, tells...

Venezuelan ex-officials charged in Andorra over $2.3bn graft scheme

A judge in Andorra has charged 29 Venezuelans with corruption - among them two former deputy ministers. Prosecutors allege that they were part of a network of corrupt officials who received $2.3bn (£1.8bn) in bribes from companies in return for lucrative contracts with Venezuela's state-run oil company, PDVSA. They allegedly...
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