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viernes, abril 27, 2018

archivediciembre 2017


“Vivir en Piedad”, the book of the son of Piedad Córdoba

Juan Luis Castro tells in the book he called "Vivir en Piedad", the afflictions of all kinds that the family lived, when the black woman began her political career in Antioquia and Chocó, next to her parents and grandparents. Juan Luis Castro, narrates for example, when the black woman is...

Iranian-Born Financier Abbas Jafarian Reaches South Pole In Charity Trek

On December 18, Abbas Jafarian and his two South American companions reached the South Pole after a nine-day trek on skis. Their Antarctic expedition began on December 4, when they boarded an Ilyushin IL-76 freight-plane in Chile, which flew them to the ice-covered southern continent. After a few days of acclimatization...

Colombia Sends Mixed Messages on 2018 Coca Eradication Goal

The government of Colombia has issued seemingly contradictory statements regarding the amount of coca it aims to forcibly eradicate next year, while evidence from the eradication campaign this year has raised questions about the feasibility of this strategy. President Juan Manuel Santos said on December 14 that the government plans...

Are You Actually Good at Sex?

Most people like to think they are good in bed. But the truth is, not everyone can be. Think about it: You can be athletic — but that doesn’t mean you’ll make it to the Olympics. We’ll help you determine if your bedroom skills are on point or if you...

Who Is Keaton Jones? Bullied Tennessee Boy Gets Celebrities’ Support

A Tennessee woman's video of her son's heartbreaking account of being bullied at middle school went al, leading to many on social media raising their voice against bullying and rising in support of the boy. In a video posted on Facebook, 11-year-old Tennessee student, Keaton Jones, tearfully explained how he...